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Company profile

ebm-papst Heating Systems can be characterized as a dynamic company with focus on the engineering and manufacturing of innovative digital controls and ongoing implementation of advanced technologies. We are devoted to deliver high quality products and services. Our customers benefit from the combination of our innovative potential skills and knowledge and the exceptional commitment of each employee.

Dates and facts:   
1972 Company founded as Pijnenburg in ′s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
1987 First microprocessor-based boiler control system
1997 Pijnenburg Heating Controls founded
1998 Internal investment in standard products
2002 Company buy out by managers Cees Sieben and Paul Kuipers
2004 Name changed into Argus Vision
2006 Partnership with ebm-papst Inc. USA
2008 50% of shares acquired by ebm-papst
2010 System development with ebm-papst Landshut                                     2014 Name changed into ebm-papst Heating Systems